June 30th 2014

Okay Monday was crazy this last week. Mexico played and won and they were just going nuts on this big street called Pacific. No worries I took lots of pics! :) They were jumping on cars and there were so many cops!  5 helicopters over it all! But now they are out!!  The World Cup is sick I hear! So tempting!! I'm rooting for USA though. I hope they can get far! I know they will! Well let’s see I got a fresh haircut that day as well. I went with a .5 on the side. Almost shaved! 

Well on Tuesday I had my 12-month training. It’s official! I am over a year on the mish.  We had some sweet blessings last night and this morning. We met this girl named Stephany for the first time last night and she was telling us about her dreams that she was in this forest and there was a book. Well we showed her the pic of Moroni in Book of Mormon and she was like, "That's it!" So she feels like she found what she is looking for, we testified and now she is getting baptized on the 27th of July! So awesome. We are also teaching the 2nd counselor's father-in-law and he is just a super humble man and he is so ready as well. We set a date for him on the 27th as well.

Things here in L.A. are going pretty good! Got to love it! Love you all! :) USA USA USA USA USA!!!

Oh and I burned a shirt for my 1 year mark :)

Elder Puertas

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