March 30th 2015

This week was amazing! On Wednesday we had a meeting and we watched the new "Because He lives" video that just came out on Saturday. It's really good. It's such a perfect time as well with Easter coming up and with General Conference coming up as well. Because he lives, he guides his church through LIVING prophets. That's so cool. Then on Friday we had a General Authority come and speak to wow, and us it really changed my point of view of things and my personal prayers so much. His name was Elder Nielson, he said he's going to be speaking in General Conference actually so watch out for him.  I shook his hand. But he really focused on the Enabling power of the Atonement and how the Atonement is NOT just for the sinners but also for the saints. It's for bad people to become good and good people to become better. I really learned so much from that training. It really was like an answer to my prayers. I love this work so much and something he said was "Missionary work is NOT easy, it wasn't for the Savior, why should it be for us" it's so true. Have no fear! 

ADELA was confirmed yesterday too! She's awesome. Her and her family came with some other friends. So many Ecuadorians!!! 

Well Transfers are this week and I am staying in my area again. I will get a new companion. His name is Elder Brown! He’s so cool, I can't wait! I love you all and Happy Easter! 

Elder Puertas! 

Pictures: 1. At a Art museum 

              2. Ward Picture! 

              3. Adela and her family and with some more Ecuadorian Friends! 

              4. AMAYLI, Adela's daughter

              5. Familia Pacheco! From Bell Gardens! 

March 23rd 2015

This week we had a baptism for Adela! She's awesome!  I love their family a ton. They are from Ecuador!!! So we always talk about Peru and Ecuador. The baptismal service went so great and we had a lot of support from the ward. It really was so special as well when she got baptized. She was so excited and when she got out of the water she just stood there for like 30 seconds and the whole room was just so silent and the spirit was so strong, she kept trying to say thank you thank you, she was crying at the same time, it was one of my most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission. I am super grateful for the work we're in. It truly is amazing and I love seeing the change this Gospel can have on people. God really does love us all so much. 
This week we also had a mini missionary! His name was Bryan Galeas. He's 16 years old and he's too fresh! I gave him a haircut too and he wanted the line on his head so I gave it to him. He was with us for 3 days!  we had a blast. 
This week is already STACKED with meetings and lessons and it's going to fly by! Until next week! I love you all!  :) <3

Elder Puertas [.]'s

March 16th 2015

I have 100 days left!!??? What!
Time time time!! It goes by way too quick and I can't believe it. This week we taught Adela, she's from Ecuador and she's amazing. She's getting baptized this Sunday on the 22nd so please pray for her. We taught her and her family about a month and half ago but then they left for a month to Ecuador to visit and now they got back like 2 weeks ago and she is getting baptized on Sunday! Yes!! I'll send pictures for sure next week. 
This week has been a HOT week but we are so BLESSED to have 2 AC's in our apartment!  I love you all so much! 

Elder Puertas

March 9th 2015

This week has been so busy! Tuesday we had this meeting from 9-2, then Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president from 9-2 as a zone and my companion and I had to stay the whole time. Thursday we had zone training meeting with the first half of our zone then Friday with the other half (we have a lot of visitor center sisters and there schedules are different). Saturday it was a better day and then Sunday is always so much fun! Our ward is doing pretty good getting investigators at church. We all have a competition going but it helps us work harder. Our Zone is way good too, they all just love being missionaries and fulfilling their purpose. Got to love Santa Monica! Well we also went of 3 exchanges this week with some other elders and it's so much fun. There's this Elder that comes from Burma (by China) and he just loves the Spanish culture. At the end of the exchange he said "I think I want to marry a Mexican girl now" I just laughed. The mission is good! 

Love and miss you all! 

Our ward mission leader said something that I really liked. He came with us to a lesson with a family we are teaching that they feel as the get closer to God, they go through trials, then he said, "there's a story in the Book of Mormon of these people called the Jaredites and they were commanded to cross the waters to come to the Americas, at first they were scared because of all the winds and waves they had to go through but they trusted in the Lord and it was BECAUSE of those very winds and waves that caused them to get to where God needed them to go" loved it

Elder Tio Puertas