July 7th 2014


We had such an amazing week this week! On Tuesday we had dinner with this Peruvian family and they have two sons. One that is 19 and the other that is 14. They don't come to church but the mom and the sister do. Well we went over and we said if we beat them in soccer 2 on 2 then they have to come to church. Long story short, we won 5-0 and THEY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! We are doing round 2 tomorrow night.  I love it.
We went on exchanges with these other elders and I was with Elder Cox. Aka Superman. Well we had so many cool experiences that day. We met people that were truly ready for the message. It all came from the power of planning the night before. We just prayed and asked who we should visit the next day and when it came the next day, I saw that we did not find those people who we had planned for but the people around them. We found 4 new investigators that day and set 2 dates. Super cool. We went by this lady named Hermana Zapata and I've never met anyone more excited to see missionaries then this lady. Missionaries taught her a while ago but we had a chance to find her again and she also came to church!
Friday was the 4th of JULY so we had to be in by 6 pm :( IT WAS A WAR ZONE! So many fireworks! And it was just so loud! So we just planned a little bit inside and played mini soccer games inside. Then at Church on Sunday we had 4 people come! It was great! I was also very sick through all this. I still am :( but I love seeing miracles happen. That's why I keep working!
I love you all and no worries I’ll be back for next 4th of July! :)

Pictures! We witnessed a pretty bad car crash! :)
And we caught a cool looking beetle... so yeah :)

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