June 9th 2014


Wow ya tengo 20 años!! I’m so old. This week was good. On Monday we played soccer and street basketball for a bit and it was so much fun. I haven't played in a while. We played with some of our investigators so it was good to show them a thing or two ;) ha-ha. So now I am going to jump all the way to Saturday,
MY BIRTHDAY! All right so we actually had exchanges that day. I was with Elder Schwalger! We started off the day visiting a less active woman that just had her baby. The baby is so cute and tiny! Super super cute, anyways they came to church on Sunday as well. It was good to see them then we went to a member’s home that threw a BBQ for us and it was so good. There family is so great! That was around 1, then we visited some more people and taught a few lessons. Elder Schwalger (Shh-wa-ger) has a Uke and I had my Uke so we walked around, played a little bit, made up some songs and actually we taught a lesson while playing.  

Then we had dinner with some of our investigators, we had "Posole" So good! And we ate sooo much. THEN we got a call from another member whose daughter was having her Quinceñera and there was a family there that lives in our area that wanted to meet us. So we went over for about an hour, ate MORE food (I was already stuffed with Posole and BBQ) and the good news is now we have a new family to teach :) After that we headed home because it was about 9pm, planned, played some more Uke and just talked for the rest of the night. Super chill/hardworking/lots of food day. All this on my birthday! Ahhh I’m 20! Well I’m not a teenager anymore. Yesterday were TRANSFERS again. Man time flies and long story short, Elder Kimball and I are once again Companions :) round 2. Here we go. Some GOOD Elders are leaving the mission on Wednesday though. Now it’s weird to see people you really know leave. Wow. Well that was my week!

I love you all and remember God loves you too! :)

Love, the 20 year old. Elder Puertas

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