June 23rd 2014

Wow it's been a whole year now since I've been out. So much has changed and there is still so much I can improve on. This last year I have come so much closer to my Heavenly Father. I know he's there. He has helped me so much to be the person I am now and I know he will keep helping me be the person he wants me to become. I have learned to gain the love for others even when I don't know them. I have come to love my savior Jesus Christ so much as well. I love the Atonement. It's the best gift he has given us. I am still working on improving everyday like I said, but I love my mission. I love the scriptures so much as well. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith really did restore God's true Church. I never would have imagined I would be here in this moment. ONE YEAR has past already and I have learned SO MUCH! I really understand the WHAT, WHY, HOW AND WHO of things. I have seen and been through a lot on my mission. I've seen families at their lowest points to their highest as well as families at their highest point to sadly their lowest. If we LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ EVERYTHING else will work out. I have come to be sure of things. My testimony has grown by a mile and it will keep growing. I know there is a GOD and I love how I can tell that to everyone with his Authority to do so. I Love it.
       So things here in L.A. are going great but of course we have the crazy parts of L.A. as well. On Friday I was on exchanges with another Elder. So it was crazy, we saw some kids jumping this other kid down this street/alley so we debated in helping out or not to break it up. Well the kid that got beat up got away and just ran, and then he walked past us and then we saw the other kids (3 of them) running at this kid again to get him again (The kid that just got jumped is on the phone while running) and all of the sudden this truck came flying in and some more guys came out to fight (the friends of the kid that just got jumped) so we backed off a little bit and this was all in this alley type of thing and then all of the sudden some kid jumped in the truck and just floored it at the group of kids (which was us as well) so we all started running while this truck is behind us trying to hit everyone.... well he ended up hitting one guy though, actually his own guy. Ah man! CRAZY stuff but I love it here.
       Well I’m just letting you all know I am still alive :)

Well I love you all! Thank you so much for everything and for all the support! 1 year will fly by!



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