June 2nd 2014

Wow what an amazing/busy week.
       First off we went on exchanges with this Elder named Elder Smith and he is a baller. We were riding in the park tryingto find people to talk to and literally we were having no luck. There were a ton of people in the basketball court playing street ball so yes, we went over asked to play. They chuckled a bit and let us play and.......... we beat them two times.  They were way cool after and asked us what we did and we explained that we were missionaries and everything. It was so much fun. We played in our missionary clothes too. 
       Another cool thing was that when we were teaching a girl named Heidi, her husband who is 19 (they are a very young couple) was in the next room and didn't want to hear us out. I kept telling her, "Let me just walk into the room and talk to him" she's like no, no, he's not going to want to talk to you guys. Well I kept thinking what could be the icebreaker to walk in and start talking to him... okay so the door opened a little bit one time and the TV was on and it was soccer!!! Uhhhhhhh I got this! The best part that the teams that were playing were "Germany vs. PERU” I ended up talking to him for like 30 min about soccer at the beginning and eventually leading it to the Restoration. He is super cool and we are teaching him now. Actually today we are going to play soccer in about an hour.  
       This week we had so many people to teach and so many new people we meet. We found 12 new investigators this week and it was crazy! It is a struggle getting people to church though, but we did have one. We don't know what’s going on, we find and teach a lot but we can't get them to church :( well Elder Ballard, of the 12 came and spoke to our mission yesterday. It felt so peaceful there, the spirit was so strong and I really got a lot out of it. He really focused on "calling the powers from Heaven" by Praying and really asking for God's help in all things. Truly "Walk" by the spirit in all things. We all know the best teacher is the Spirit, we should never be afraid to slow things down and just listen, wait for the spirit to testify to their hearts that these things are true. With that, they will FEEL something and they WILL want to keep commitments JUST because of the feelings they have felt. With this, it will help our investigators really feel the love God has for them.
       Elder Ballard is so funny! He really is just a normal person, just like all of us. He honestly loves us so much as well and really wants us to be the best that we can be. I am so grateful for everything, especially this Gospel we have. I know we have a living day Prophet and that we have 12 true apostles of God to help and guide us through these times. "It's all spiritual connection" I love it. I love the Lord and I love my mission.

Elder Puertas

Shout-outs! To one of my best friends Kenzi Evans! Happy birthday!!! You are amazing! Also to my cousin Hyrum! I love you man and I hope the best always! THE BIG 20!! 

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