June 22nd 2015

This week has been BUSY but sooo GOOD!!!
We started with going up to Hollywood one last time to Walk the Stars and it was so cool. Tuesday I went on exchanges to Santa Monica (really rich place) ohhhh man. There's so many good people but they didn't want to listen to us, but they were great people with a lot of great potential. On Thursday we had another Exchange with the Assistants and that was a gooood day. We found 5 NI and taught 6 lessons. FAMILIES, we love families. It's been so much fun though.
 We had the chance to go through the Temple on Friday and wow what an amazing experience. There was really a special spirit there. A Spirit of Confirmation. I still can't believe it. Friday night I had a big dinner and this member’s house with other families that came. They did it just for me. I love all these people and will miss them so much! 
On Saturday we had a mini P-DAY because today we are going contacting with the new missionaries for 3 hours (Great way to finish the mission). Well on Saturday we went to a hike up in Malibu and it was way cool. Super high mountain and an amazing view of all L.A. Then we went and played so B-Ball after. Sunday was crazy cool. We had our Departing missionary fireside and it was so awesome, I got to see so many people that I love. That was my week!

I love the California Los Angeles Mission.
I really can't believe that 2 years have gone by already. I am so grateful to have been a full time missionary in this work at this time. This work Is REAL. I love my savior Jesus Christ so much and I know that he was there every second of the way as a talked to people and taught them to live the Gospel. I really don't have words to say. I love seeing people receive the same joy I have felt over that last 2 years. I am excited to be a missionary forever.
I will you see you guys in 2 days and know that I truly love you and am grateful for all your support in this last 24 months.

Love, Elder Puertas

June 8th 2015

This week we got iPads.... It's a little weird working with high tech stuff again I actually didn't get one because I don't have that much time but my companion did so we share his. It's pretty cool I guess though.
This week we awesome I really do learn so many things every single day. We talk to so many people and honestly we never know how it will turn out but we do know that what we share can change their life. It truly has changed mine. I love the Gospel it's the best thing out there.
Church yester was great we had a couple of investigators there and it was crazy too because they released our bishop and both counselors and now we have a whole new bishopric. BIG CHANGE. It was the 2nd time I've seen a bishop be released on my mission.
Everything else is great! The mission and our zone are doing great things! I love Los Angeles!

Elder Puertas

June 1st 2015

Hola! :)
This last week was great we were blessed to find a ton of new people. Finding is probably the best thing. The approach, the conversation, the way it ends hahaha we get some of the BEST people to talk to ever. 

Some people are just straight up crazy but it's so fun. We always ALWAYS see this guy name Juan on the street and he's also drunk. One day we were walking and we saw him in front of his house and he jumped in this Dog House and shut the door from the doghouse haha. We knocked and told him we knew he was there and he finally came out ha. We had a really good talk with him though and i really hope he changes soon. 

We also always buy "Elotes" from our friend named Roberto, haha. We have a huge area but we just cover this tiny TINY part because it's all Spanish so we almost know everyone.. literally haha. It's good though. 

Well I'm told almost everyday how many days I have left haha. The mission has helped me change. It really has. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what changed me completely and it will keep changing me. I am so glad I’m able to serve a mission and I'm excited to be a missionary forever. 

Love, Elder Puertas

May 25th 2015

Here are some pictures!!! Love you all!!! We put white powder all over our faces and hair... haha I don’t know.
We found our store!!! Us at Jonny Rockets!!! yum...

Love you all, Elder Puertas

May 18th 2015

Well Transfers were yesterday and I'm staying in SANTA MONICA again. transfer #5 here. I'll be with Elder Brown still. So this is where I'll be finishing my mission! 

Love, Elder Puertas