June 16th 2014

Hello Family!
Well the World Cup started and it's crazy!!! I love it but then I hate it at times.
It's not as crazy as I thought but when Mexico plays it does get a little nuts. We live in an apartment complex so everyone is just yelling going crazy throughout the game and they have it super loud so I always know what's happening. When Mexico scored though, everyone screams, there are fireworks going off! I love it! I'm all updated as well so I just talk soccer all the time to get conversations going.
Well honestly other than that everything else has been good here in LOS ANGELES! We have this investigator that came to church and he is so cool. He loves clothes hats, and loves keeping his hair fresh. We get along just great!

Te amo negro y gracias por todo! Cuidate en Peru!!! Love you!

Here's a pic of a dog laying down funny and Elder Suarez... a new missionary I met last week!

Love you all!

Elder Puertas

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