November 25th 2013

November 25th 2013
Hola Famila y Amigos!

Well another week here in LA
Nothing super big that has happened, something funny though was the Elder Maughan's bike got jacked hahaha poor dude. They cut his chain off and the funny thing was that mine was next to his and mine was UNLOCKED. I don’t know if I should take that offensive or not because my bike isn't cool enough to get stolen :(

We had this "Barrio" thanksgiving dinner and it was super good! The set up was beautiful. And yes, I ate a lot don't worry! Hahah but other than that everything is going good! I’m in Alma 56 right now and its amazing how many things I didn't know that I now know. Everyone in the Book of Mormon are just amazing! They really had the Lord on their side, just like we do.
I love you all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
Eat a lot and get fat! :) Because that's what we're doing!

Elder Puertas
Ward Thanksgiving

She is 101

November 18th 2013

November 18th 2013
Buenos Dias Familia!

         So we found out that we have a pet living outside our house. We call him "Stussy" it looks like a hamster and it just digs holes all the time ha-ha. Also it was Elder Maughan's b-day and we threw him two B-day parties with two different families. He’s finally 19! My son is growing up. hahaha

         All right so this week has been crazy, but amazing! So where I am in L.A. is calm but there are still a lot of gangs and stuff. It has its ghetto parts. Sadly, a boy in High school was shot and killed actually on the street next to us. It was a drive by and it was just crazy. It just makes me realize how messed up the world is though. It's sad also because you honestly don't know what can happen next. The thing you should be worried about is if you are following God's plan or not. And I love how we take this message to people and let them know what their purpose is here on earth. We had a chance to meet with this family and there was this girl that's 17 and she was actually friends with this kid that just passed away. We taught her the "Plan of HAPPINESS" testified and now she has accepted a baptismal date. She and her older sister both have. They actually came to church yesterday and loved it. They can feel the spirit. What we teach can literally bring joy and peace to people's lives and I love that because we are the one's that share it with others. We knock on their door and turn their life around with this gospel. This church is true and it can help anyone out, no matter what situation they are in. Pray for every missionary and pray that you too can find someone you can share the Gospel with. Put God first always.

Love you all, Elder Puertas!

Shout out to some B-DAY people! Zully, my brother Carrie and sister Isa!

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone... I love you guys and Happy Birthday!!


November 11th 2013

Well just a quick letter about our Ward Activity!
First off it was sick! Like way sick and a HUGE success. 106 people showed up and were all gathered in the chapel and I explain to them about "Lehi's Dream" well they all got a ticket before and they were suppose to hold on to the ticket and not fall into temptations.
         Well our temptation was sweet too. We had Helotes (Corn) and Video games and Movies and music all around and if they wanted to play of wanted some helotes then they had to give up their ticket. And all the members had to do is hold on. At the end we had this big Christmas tree with those powdered doughnuts. Let me say that probably half of them fell. We had 3 fog machines and it was sooooo sweet. After we were all out side and all the missionaries came out and everyone started clapping for us and everything. It was amazing. They said it was a huge success.  I loved it. Probably one of my favorite nights here on the mish.
Also I am staying here in Bell Gardens..... Again! 4th transfers here we go! :)

Shout out to Ashley!!! My little sister in Argentina! Love you and I miss you! Also to Grandpa Louie!!!  Love you!

Love you all!

Elder Puertas

November 4th 2013

Not much happened this week but something funny that did happen was Elder Maughan was riding his bike and he ran into this car mirror and wrecked it!  It’s all-good though because we left a note. Now he has to pay for it!  Halloween was good too, we had a lot of little kids come over to trick or treat and we gave them a bunch of Mormon stuff like pass along cards. They weren't too happy. Here is the cutest little girl. She's the daughter of one of our investigators. That’s really all for the week! Tonight we are having the coolest activity that the ward has ever done, the tree of life activity! I hope it turns out good! We have 3 fog machines and everything! It’s going to be amazing!!! I cant send pictures until next week, sorry.
Love you all!

Elder Puertas