May 12th 2014

Family and Friends!

Oh my, such a great week this week! I want to start off by saying I love and miss you all! On Wednesday it was great because every morning we study and some times we do role plays for our investigators, so I just remember I wasn't really trying to practice or anything and it was funny because later on that day we went to our investigators house and literally it was EXACTLY like our role play we practiced at home that morning. So that's just something really amazing.

Well we worked really hard this week. Really helped our investigators grow and come closer to Christ. Found some and lost some but it's ok. Well life is good. On Saturday though it was really cool. We got to help out with this service preoject. It was like this Walk for Cancer and there were thousands of people there! We had so much fun! Elder Smith and I got on a big screen for ABC 7 at one point and we got a shout out! I loved it! We got to go in to this Stadium! It was so awesome! It’s called the Coliseum! USC! Also at that service we saw Bruce Willis and Halle Barry!

Well, later that day we had our Ward Mother's Day activity and Elder Schwalger and I just made up this song and played it at the activity! It was really funny and good. We both played the Ukulele. Yes, I can kind of play the Ukulele now. On Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church and after church I got to SKYPE!!! I love my family! I miss you all! Everyone is getting so big! Later that night we went to the Temple and Lindsey Sterling (violinist) gave a fireside and it was really good! She played a little as well! So that was really exciting and our investigator came and really enjoyed it as well. Everything is well here in LA just working hard!
Love you all!

<3/ Elder Puertas

P.S Here's a pic of our zone! HP1 ZONE!!

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