October 1st 2013

Hola todos!                                                                                    

            Well this week has been really good and just exciting! I loved it!
Well I'm not going to write much but ill just let you know some
things! Well a really cool thing that happened this week was Zone
Conference. We had Elder Richards (From the 70) speak to us that day.
He is a very inspired person and I learned a lot from him. He really
Taught us how to teach people. He was very bold with us and I know it
has helped me so far with my teaching.
            Well on with the week. Andre, Jacob and Andy moved to South Gate (20min away) but we won't see them anymore really! I just feel bad because of they way they are growing up! I really wish the best for them though. Well on Sunday! We had 0 investigators show up, but we had 6 Less Actives come and I was so happy to see them! This lady that came hadn't been in 2 years so I was so proud of her for coming. I just love the people here in B.G and I love serving them. Also it was Missionary Sunday so for sacrament it was all for the missionaries. I didn't talk but I did sing! We sang Joseph Smith's first prayer and I recited the first vision for
everyone. It was way cool and the spirit was super strong!
            Also some other big news, I got a call on Sunday night and Pres. Asked me to be a trainer and a District leader! Ahhhh so crazy! I AM GOING TO HAVE MY FIRST SON! haha also I am staying in Bell Gardens again so I’m happy about that. I love this area. I don't know who my new
companion is but I will know on Thursday! Wish me luck! :)
            That's all for this week! The start of the week was slow but it ended
amazingly! I love you all!
I can't wait for Conference..... I've never said that before...

Love, Elder Puertas!

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