October 14th 2013

Hello Family!!                 

Well it’s Columbus day and everything is closed soooooo there’s only 3 computers here and 28 people in line, so I can't write much today.
Everything is going amazing! We are meeting a lot more people and Elder Maughan and I are doing great together. His Spanish isn’t that great yet, but hey it’s all-good.
I love you all and just a small but awesome way the Lord works is that we got a referral of someone to go visit, well it turned out to be a fake address but we did meet someone new at that fake address because of it. His name is Israel, and he is way cool. He is from Mexico, as are most of the people we meet, has a 4-year-old son and a wife and they love to listen to us. Pray for them! Also I’m on bike and it poured on Wednesday! It was sweet!!! Ha-ha I love you all and I miss every single one of you!

Love, Elder Puertas

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