September 23rd 2013

Another Week in LOS ANGELES!                                     

Hola Familia!
Bueno esta semana fue muy bien!

            We really went to work this week. We visited a lot of families so it was good. One thing I did this week, and I should have been doing forever ago was to be super bold with people. Tell them what you know and offer your help. I love helping people here. I love my area. Next week is transfers and if I get moved I know it will be super hard for me but I’d understand that the Lord needs me somewhere else. Wednesday was super fun though. First off Wed. morning we kind of locked ourselves out of our apartment. Ha-ha my companion was so mad! It’s all-good though. We ate dinner with an older lady named Rosita and she is amazing! She always has non-members work for her and every time we come by she makes them sit down to listen! Ha we have a new investigator actually because of that. Her name is Ana. So Rosita helps out a lot. We went to church and taught a class there and then after that some young men were playing soccer so I played a little and it was way fun! I love just hanging out with them and I am getting way comfortable here. I know almost everyone by name now and I love it.
            Later in the week on Saturday was super fun! We had this fair with all these countries food and there was dances that were performed and stuff! I love my ward! Ha-ha I ate a lot of food and we brought a lot of investigators to the event! I had so much fun though! I was representing PERU of course and everyone loved my jersey I was wearing. I am like the only one from Peru but it's alright. The ward loves us missionaries too! This one lady always says, every Sunday, "Son angeles del cielo" ha-ha "You are angels from heaven" ha-ha but Saturday was way fun!
            Sunday I'd say was probably one of the lonnnnnngest days so far.
Woke up at 6:30, got ready, had ward counsel at 8:30am then church for the rest of the time until 1:30. We had a combined sacrament with the English and Spanish ward for the primary program! It reminded me of back in the day when I did that. Go up and read a scripture! Ha-ha all the little kids were funny! Some were crying but it's okay they all did good. So anyways this is were it gets crazy! We got invited to eat Carne Asada at 2pm but we had someone else already going to feed us at 3:30 well we were SUPPOSED to cancel on the 3:30 one but we kind of forgot! So both families were expecting us over for both. ahhhh man. Well we ate at 2.... annnnnnd then we ate at 3:30 again... they were both Carne Asadas. My stomach was going to explode. Elder Rodrigues (Elder Cockriel's companion was about to cry) hahaha man.
            Well anyways then we had a BAPTISM at 5pm for SINDY! She is 9 years old and she was so happy to be baptized, so was I of course! Ha It went great and Hno. Osorio (in the stake presidency) baptized her. I gave here a "CTR" ring and she loved it! She’s a super cool girl! Well right after that we went up to the Temple Visitor's Center with a family and it went great! The whole family are members, but the dad, but he wants to get baptized! So we are working with him! We drove home and got there like at 10 and just fell asleep! Ha-ha it was a good Sunday though!
Well that was my week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Puertas

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