July 29th 2013


Okay I know this might sounds soooo dumb but I just realized why we call our Adams apple, Adam’s apple. Ha-ha well hey now I know! So no one judge!
Ha anyways that was on the 23rd and also that day I taught Brandon the Law of Chastity, he’s 11, it was kind of hard but he gets it now. He’s ways cool and he loves me, ha. But anyways so every night before we go to bed we play darts and of coarse I won, 161!! ya baby! The 24th we had ZML again and we just talked about catching the vision! Everyone needs to be missionaries now and do missionary work! We need all the help we can get! One day ALL the members are going to be the missionaries and there will no longer be missionaries. At least that’s what I think! Ha but anyways I was also crowned the champion of the dart throwing competition.

I didn’t write much on the 25th, all I said was "scripture of the day is 3 Nephi 5:13" so check it out!
The 26th same thing I didn’t write much except talking about my dinner and how good it was! I had dinner with this guy named HECTOR and he is so funny, he was in the crazy big gang before so he has all the tattoos and some crazy stories he tells us! He’s always moving his hand and popping out his eyes ha-ha. But he’s a cool dude! Also today we were on bikes... super hot! And we were riding and all the teenage kids were riding their bikes too and when we past them, mannnn it was a little crazy. Ha they wanted to talk to us sooo bad but not in a good way. They were just swearing like crazy calling all sorts of names and all we could do is just smile and wave. They kept trying to slow us down but we just were silent and kept riding... its their salvation not mine. Ha-ha. A lot didn’t happen this week but it was good! This girl named Sinthia wants to get baptized but she can’t because she’s on probation :( for another 2 more years so that’s a loss.

I GET FED SOOOOOO MUCH! But its good food and I love it! Also IM A MAN ALREADY! You know why? Because I have to shave every single day! My facial hair grows fast! It’s kind of sick! Ha-ha I love you all! Take care! Till next week! Also I’m about to go play soccer finally for the first time!! I’m so pumped! Ha

Elder Puertas
Also I heard about some big train wreck in Spain! PRAY for them!

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