July 15th 2013

Well, how’s everyone?
Well, okay so far this week in LA, Wow.....
My first day we checked out the temple and its SICK!!! Like HUGE. I think it’s the 2nd biggest temple so I was amazed. I spent the night in Vernon, Huntington Park with my temporary companion and ummm ya way ghetto, ha like police helicopters are out every night over the "Projects" at 9pm haha ya I know. Then they moved me to a new area and its called Bell Gardens.. It’s a lot nicer here ha. My companion is Elder Boyd from Missouri... he's REALLY OBIDIENT, that’s because he’s been out for 23 months so he’s about done. ummm but he’s cool. He knows a lot so he helps me out a lot. We have this little apartment and it’s nice.
Here are pictures of the newest missionaries to our mission:

 We have this family of 3. The mom is named Erica the son that’s 15 is named Jiaro and the other son is Brandon and he’s 10. They are SOOOO ready to be baptized its not funny. Aug. 4th we have a date so pray for them to be prepared. Jiaro wants to be a missionary so bad. He loves having us come over and that family makes me so happy! I love going over to their house.

We also met their cousin Danny he is 15 too! He didn’t know much but he was over when we came by one time and he was asking me questions alone and he seemed really interested and I’m telling you right now, I’m going to baptize Danny too, I can feel it. But just pray for them. Another family has Jimmy the Dad, Jenny (mom) and Joshua the 9-year-old son, they are way cool too! Jimmy (dad) has such energy and you can just feel like he’s ready too! He opened up to us last night telling us how his dad past away about 4 years ago, Jimmy was 19 and his dad had a heart attack and he just cried with us and we explained the plan of salvation and man, he trusts us. We want to be baptized but he wants to do it with his family so please please pray for them! They keep me going and I love helping them out!

Umm we eat A LOT! Like a lot! Ha they feed us maybe too much, some Mexican ceviche, bierra y mole con arroz, some fruit with limon salt and spice!! Ahh its good! But just pray for me too, the mission is really hard and I’m still getting use to it. But I’m trying my best! I love you all. I’m sure I have more to tell you but I didn’t bring my journal so I can’t remember everything I did everyday! I’ll be more prepared next time. But so far it’s good. LA is hot! haha I miss you all! A lot! I’m about to go get a haircut right now! And its NOT from a barber, I know... risky! ha but it doesn’t matter how I look but what I say.. I love you all

-Elder Puertas.

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