July 22nd 2013

This week has been great!

         So July 16th, we went on splits so I was in a trio with two others, no not THE TRIO but a trio! No one can replace Reid and Besser.
 Anyways we were the new ones and they sent us out to go street contacting. I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous but after time we just kept talking and talking it was a good day that day! We also met a woman, she was a Jehovah Witness and she was kind of attacking us with all these questions, ha the next day, we woke up early to go running with our investigator Jimmy. He’s soooo cool and his family is amazing! We are taking them to check out the temple tomorrow night! They want to be baptized so I’m hoping everything goes well! We got fed so much today haha. Also I’m getting fat! Ha I gained 8 pounds already but I run every morning so it’s a good weight gain! :)

         Ha we met this guy named Jose, he is ADDICTED to crystal Meth and he wants to change so bad. We talked to him and he was talking about how his family wants to leave him and all this stuff, its crazy. I pulled up Ether 12:27 and he just started crying! He wants to change, which is good, and we are going to help him out! Pray for me!

         July 18th. We went over to Jimmy’s to paint his house! It took us about 2 hours but it turned out super good. His wife jenny went to get us some food and brought us some coffee so we had to teach them the Word of Wisdom and now they know and they are going to try and live it. They had us over for dinner and we had some Shrimp fettuccini haha it was weird, some Mexicans serving us some American food! Ha but It was goooooood.

         But Friday the 19th was wayyy good. We had a Zone meeting and it got me excited! EVERYTHING IS CHANGING! We are getting ipads  and iphones, we are going world wide with the gospel! Everyone needs to do missionary work! EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT A MISSIONARY! We talked about the second coming today and man it’s crazy! All the signs we just need to be prepared! We are the last missionaries of the FINAL dispensation, and we just need to prepare! All we can do is invite, so please just go talk to a friend that you think would be interested  in the church! The members NEED to be involved! The gospel literally can change lives! I love it!

         July 20th, we didn't do anything until 4pm and we went on exchanges so I had a different companion named Elder Roberts. We wanted to visit these people but it turned out that they gave us the wrong address BUT that led us to meet this lady named SUYABA and she is interested so we are teaching her today! Then we went to visit these other people but they weren't home so we just talked to some lady outside and it turns out she is a less active! WAY less active! She said we came at a perfect time too. Her son is in Honduras and is getting baptized next week and her niece wants to know more about the church so we are teaching her on Thursday! And man she was crying because of our timing. Later that day we were walking and saw some guy doing some karate looking thing alone and it was funny so we talked to him, turns out he has a mental disorder but he was wayyy interested and we are meeting with him today!

         The best part was the prank I pulled on Elder Roberts! We went to Jimmys and I pretended I didn't know the house and I texted jimmy earlier before to scare my companion so he opens the door and he was acting wayyy tough and messed up haha. And putting him on the spot. haha it was funny! Sunday was a little crazy too! I have 8 min left so I gotta make it short! We went to church and one of the elders was feeling sick, anyways he’s felt like this for a while, one thing led to another and we had to take him to the mission home.. he’s there now, that's why I’m in a trio. But there’s a possibility he might be going home so just pray for him. Elder Marrot is his name! We were busy with him all day yesterday, Sunday, so that was our day! also since we are in a trio we are gonna scare Elder cockriel (our new companion) with Jimmy again tonight. shhhhh... ha Monday! Pday! Today! I opened the package I got from you guys! Thank you soooo much!!! We drove up to the mission home again but we took a different route today! But because we did, we got to see the STAPLES CENTER!! ahhhh it was soooo sick!!! I didn't get a picture but I got a picture of downtown!

I love you all and know I'm trying my best! 

-Elder Puertas! LA is DOPPPPE!

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