July 2nd 2013

Hello family!
Well its been crazy here in the MTC, I don't have much time to write but I love everyone and i miss everyone! i hope everyone is doing well because i am!! i chipped my tooth biting a pen, ya i know stupid but i have a dentist app. soon! love you guys again and just know I'm trying MY best right now i wish i could tell you guys more but I'm running out of time. ill write some letters today so just be expecting that! :) thank you so much for all the packages! They make me happy and please keep dearelder.com me because that makes me happy too! I leave JULY 10th at 830am . I love you guys!

I've learned sooo much and i cant wait to share it with all of you!!!!! My spanish has gotten a lot better. I love my campion Elder Diaz-Vita (mexico) going to NY and Elder Valdez and Elder Galvez are my roommates... Elder Galvez,  I think you know him.. is Peruvian too!!!

Love, Elder Puertas

Dropping off our Missionary