July 9th 2013

Hola todos!
Bueno! estoy muy bien aqui en el CCM. estoy aprendiendo mucho! los extrano a todos! gracias por los packetes y emails! me esta ayudando! mi companero ya se fue odia para Nueva York entonces yo y orto estamos aqui solos asta manana y despues me voy a LOS ANGELES!!! por fin!! estoy much mas listo tambien! estoy feliz aqui y me siento bien!!! voy extranar el CCM. ya tengo muchos amigos entonces si es deficil un poco. pero los amo a todos.
Lets see this week, its been really good. Again like I said I’m learning a lot and its crazy! Monday I got 3 packages!!! ohhhh ya haha everyone is always jealous of me getting so many letters and packages haha. they always just ask "what letters aren’t for Elder Puertas" haha but thank you! don’t send me any more dear elder letters because today is my last day so just saying! Tuesday: well I got a haircut :( my macklemore haircut is gone.. Also Tuesday was very challenging for me. My friend Justin told me that my friend Jayden had cancer (laroca team) and that killed me. He put of Facebook "I’m in god's hands now" wow what great faith for that kid. Don’t take anything for granted and enjoy life! really! be happy!!! It’s the best! That news for sure made my faith increase by a mile!!

July 3rd Wednesday! we had some service to do and new missionary’s came in and now I was in charge of 2 new districts, meaning about 35 missionary’s and I was there leader.. ha big responsibility but I managed to do it!

July 4th Thursday! I wanted to go out so bad from the MTC. we got to see a movie called 17 miracles, it was good then we all went outside to watch the fireworks and we were all singing and it was cool! they MTC president even let us stay past our bedtime! sooooo cool ha. we got to sleep around 11 and not 1030. know crazy huh! ha.

July 5th Friday! my tooth got fixed!! yes! finally! we were walking around Provo with my companion waiting for our ride to come get us and in 4 minutes we got 7 honks and 3 waves! ha it was cool. everyone loves us! we had to teach today also this "less active" person (he was an actor) and wow we started and all of the sudden 5 minutes in, it just turned into a real conversation. we just asked him one thing and it was "when were you converted" and he started cry! he said missionary came over about 50 years ago and he would hide to not listen to the message (he’s an old man) he was 14 back then. finally he listened and he loved the church since. he was a bishop at age 28 and stake president after that. he said he had the same feeling when the missionaries went over 50 years ago and then when me and elder Diaz-vita came in. He said he’s worked in the MTC before and he rarely cry’s but he just said he felt the sprit so strong when me and my companion walked in. so we just talked about mission work and he still we will be amazing missionaries! so that was a good experience for us!  today was also pouring rain it was insane!

July 6th Saturday! long story short, I killed everyone in soccer today! they praise me and love me! ha. some missionaries leave Sunday so we sang "llamados a servir" with our whole zone right before bed and it was amazing!

July 7th Sunday! it was way long with meetings and fasting but it was good. I got to see some people today! NONI JASMINE NATALIA!! I love you girls and some other friends. thank you for that I needed it!

July 8th. again it was kind of a long day but not really because my companion leaves on July 9th (today) so pday for us got moved to Monday but I also have pday today haha if that makes sense. I love my companion! he’s a good man and he will do amazing things in NY!
Now today July 9th! I have to just chill! ha I already packed yesterday so I’m ready! I’m excited. I love you all and I miss you like crazy!! Remember no more dear elders and packages!

 Tell everyone I say hi!
Love always -Elder Puertas