July 28th 2014

Okay this will be a quick email but we baptized Samuel on SUNDAY! So awesome!
Our zone was on fire. We had such a great weekend. Our zone had 6 baptisms and 2 of them were unexpected. It was so amazing to see that. We were able to have a baptism as well this weekend for our area of a man named Samuel Salcedo. We were able to teach him one hour before his interview in the chapel of our church. He was a referral from the 2nd counselor in our bishopric and we have been teaching him for about a month now. Throughout this month he NEVER felt ready to pray in front of us so he never did. So in our last lesson with him before his interview we said a prayer before going in and set a goal to have him pray at the end of the lesson. We taught him simply, clearly and plainly and at the end we invited him to pray. We testified and said how much God wanted to hear from him, he began his prayer and it was such an amazing prayer. It really did come from his heart and he cried at the end because he truly felt God's love from him. He passed his interview right after the lesson and he entered the waters of baptism on Sunday. It was truly a miracle.
P.S It was my companion's birthday yesterday!!!!! Elder Kimball is now 21 ladies and gentlemen!!! He also goes home VERY soon :( but I will stay with Elder Casco! He is soooo tight!

Oh and I got J Dawgs sauce sent out to L.A THANK YOU ANGELA :)

Love, Elder Puertas

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