August 4th 2014

Don't have much time to write today but this week was full of miracles!
On Tuesday actually we had the chance to go through Temple for some of Elder Kimball's Recent Converts and then on Saturday we went and did a sealing for them as well. It was such an amazing experience. Every time I go in the Temple I learn so many new things, everything just makes sense. So in our companionship there are 3 of us. One is Elder Casco, Elder Kimball and then me. Elder Kimball happens to be 6'5 and Elder Casco happens to be my height. THEREFORE, we have decided to call our companionship, THE LOS ANGELES TEMPLE TRIO! You'll understand why after you see the picture.
All right also our zone is doing so good! We are just blowing up. In our area we had 9 people at church.. No biggie and as a zone we had 37! That’s pretty good in our mission. Everything is coming together though.

The work is hastening!
I love my companions!
They're so fresh!
Love you all!

Elder Puertas

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