July 14th 2014

We hiked HOLLYWOOD again! This was last Monday and I was so sick ha-ha. Not the best idea but hey you gotta do what you gotta do right. It was cool because that same day we were walking in the street and we saw this random guy on the street and he had a shirt that said  "Helaman, stripling warriors" WHAT.. Ha-ha yes we talked to him and he just said he bought that shirt at a random place and YES I took a picture with him. We are teaching this family named the Tamayo family and wow they are so great and progressing so much. It was one of the daughter's BDAY so we went over to celebrate a little. Elder Kimball and I straight up made Pupusas. Ha-ha they turned out great. On Saturday I was on exchanges with this guy named Elder Albert’s and wow we ate so much. People really love us here. Ha-ha. We ate lunch at 1230 with a family. Then we went over to the Tamayos at 4 and they had a carne asada going and you could NOT SAY NO.  Then we had our DINNER appointment at 530 and ate more! Then we went to this young men's activity at 7 because they had an investigator there for us and we got there and sat down and what do you know.... more food! I felt so bad that night ha. We also had a flat that day too so that was fun! Church was awesome we had some people show up and that working for baptism this month. Things here are good! I also heard about Brazil... ouch.. Moment of silence 7-1!!! Wow. Congrats for Germany though! I love you all!

Elder Puertas

Angela- Thank you so much for the Wingers sauce!!!

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