July 21st 2014

On Monday we got a new 2014 Corolla! It’s so nice and so smooth, I love it. It even has a rear view camera. It had 18 miles on it when we got it so please pray for us not to scratch it or anything.
On Tuesday we had the chance to go in the Temple, it's amazing. It just feels right. Everything we do as missionaries just feels "right". When we share the Gospel, when we go to church. Etc. I love these feelings because it's constantly reminding me that I am in the truth and that I am sharing the truth with others.
We are teaching this family of 7 and they are amazing. 4 of the 7 have dates :) We are working super hard with them, every time we go over they ALWAYS have someone new for us ha. Cousins, neighbors, friends, mailman, it doesn't matter they always have someone new. There's a little kid named Leo in the family, he's 1 and he is so cute! Ha-ha I took the COOLEST picture of Elder Kimball and Leo! Crazy little cute kid.
So the 2nd counseler of our bishopric has a father in law named Samuel. He is about 70 years old and still works like crazy and he has a bad knee, he's always on crutches. Well Hermano Alonzo's (2nd counselor) wife lives in Guatemala. She is there for 6 months and she visits here for 1 month. Crazy huh. Well she got here the first week of July, referred us to Samuel, we went over, taught him and we put a date for him for JULY 27th! And she leaves the 30th! He has came to church all this month and we are baptizing him this Saturday and confirming him on Sunday right before his daughter leaves. Every time we see her she always Thanks us for helping Samuel out. She said she's been waiting for this moment for a long time. God really helped us with this one. It's going be special for them.
Sunday!! Transfer calls! Some amazing missionaries are going home, it's crazy. We have this departing missionary fireside the last Sunday before they go home and SO MANY people came. About 1000 people. Well after we FINALLY got all the people out all the Zone Leaders went to this room and we get a folder that says who leaves or stays in our zone. Well Elder Kimball and I stayed :) but we are adding one more in our companionship. Elder Casco! We will be in a trio because Elder Kimball goes home half way through the transfer for school. Elder Casco is from Mexico. So it will be me and just him in a couple of weeks, 2 Hispanics In HP! The dream. I love it.


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