December 30th 2013

6 months done, like that.

Well I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas because I did. Our week was great and we have been teaching amazing people. Yes, even on Christmas. Well on the 24th we tried talking to people but it was soooo hard. Everyone was doing last minute shopping so we tried anyways. Christmas was amazing though. Woke up and got ready, our zone leaders came and dropped off more mail! Yayyyy it was good opening up presents on Christmas. I got some amazing things. Some awesome socks, snacks the COOLEST looking journal ever and a full Santa suit. I loved it. We went to a member’s home and of coarse skyped you all. I miss every single one of you and you are all doing amazing. I was worried I was going to be sad but honestly it was one of my happiest days ever. I am so blessed to be here right now and I love it. We finished off the day at the Romero's house for a Christmas dinner and it was of coarse way good. I love food. It was just one of those amazing days. It was good to see the family and good to see Sarita:)

So Elder knight and I try talking to everyone we see and its way cool seeing the select people the lord puts in our path. I love it. Almost half the people we talk to have had some kind of relationship with the church and then it’s all easy from there. We met this new guy named Carlos. We were just walking and we saw him, long story short he invited us to teach him and he kept telling us how he's been waiting for someone like us to come. He says he’s confused on which church is true and wants to join one. We told him about Joseph Smith and gave him a Book of Mormon. I know he will have his answer soon. Sunday was great, we sang as missionaries in sacrament and it was good. Later that night we ate some amazing pupusas from this El Salvadorian family. It was good. I can’t wait for Thursday because this PERUVIAN family is feeding us. Did I mention I love food?

I love you all and I hope you have an amazing NEW YEARS!
Talk to you next year... haha get it? All right never mind..

Love, Elder Puertas

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