December 23rd 2013

Hola Familia!

Wow what an amazing week! It’s Christmas on Wednesday and I love it.
I miss everyone back home but I know that the Lord needs me here.
I am serving in a new area called Lafayette Square. Its good here. Everything and everyone is new but I’m working on it to get familiar with it.
My new Companion is Elder Knight, from Utah, he's really funny and he reminds me of the guy on the movie "Mall Cop" Paul Blart. Hahaha. He’s only been here for 4 months and he still can’t speak Spanish so that’s something we are working on together. Also the church here is super crazy. It looks like a catholic church. Haha I’ve never seen an LDS chruch like this before. Got to love new things.

Just to share an experience I’ve already have had here in my new area, I met this family named the Gamez family. They just got here from Mexico 2 weeks ago and wow, I look up to them so much. They have helped my testimony grow by a mile! Back in Mexico they went through a lot physically and emotionally. They also lost a daughter a year ago that was 17. They are members and despite all that they still have a strong belief in the church. They left everything and gave everything to be able to get here to America and now we have the privilege to know them. They have 3 kids now. The oldest one now is Maria (10) then its Darian, he’s 9 and we are baptizing him on Jan. 5th :) then comes Moroni (7) he's an amazing kid. He has special needs but he always responds by smiling and I love it. Haha. They have been a HUGE blessing in my life and I know I'm here in this area for a reason. We also have another little girl named Jamie she’s 11 and she has a date for the 19th. I'm excited for this new area.

Now about the Book of Mormon! I am in Moroni 7 so I am super close. These past 2 days I had an amazing experience to be able to feel that God was there. He testified to me that this is the true church on earth and it can honestly bless anyone. I love this Gospel and now I know why my mom kept telling me to READ READ READ. I love being a missionary to be able to bring this message to others. I am grateful for Jesus Christ and the atonement. It's incredible to realize how much he truly loved us. I love him and he is truly my Savior and it’s an honor to represent him here in Los Angeles and helping others to know for themselves the truth. I love you all and I hope we can all know the true meaning of Christmas.

Love Always, Elder Puertas


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