January 6th 2014

Family & Family

Well to start off the week I burned a Tie because I am past 6 months!!!! Haha I guess it’s a thing here. But also this week we have taught a lot of people and found some amazing new investigators that I know we will help. One way cool thing this week was that I went back to BELL GARDENS for a baptism! Juan Sanchez got baptized and he invited me to come back and see it. It was amazing. I have been working with him forever!!! And he finally got baptized! I just remember after the actual baptism he walked out after he changed and he just had the biggest smile in his face and I remember being so happy at that point. I loved it. It reminds me of my purpose here. It was good to see everyone again and don’t worry I took some pictures :) We also take the bus everywhere! It’s rough.

We have a baptism coming up this Sunday for our area for Derian Gamez. He is 9 and his family is a huge blessing in my life. They have been through so much and they are still so strong in the church. My testimony of fasting has grown this week as well. The Gamez were going to be kicked out from their place on Sunday and we decided to fast for them Friday to Saturday and we did, then we fasted AGAIN from Saturday to Sunday for our mission to have 65 baptisms this month. So yes, one meal in 2 days. On Sunday the Gamez family came to church super happy because the manager let them stay for another month. I was so happy and now Derian is getting baptized this Sunday! The church is true! Love you all.

I love you with all my heart and its crazy you are growing up so fast! I miss you!

Love, Elder Puertas

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