September 16th 2013

            This week was an excellent week! Some amazing things that happened this week were that we invited 6 people to be baptized and they all accepted. 2 of them live outside the area so they can't be baptized by us, but that’s ok. So hopefully about 5 will be baptized on the 20th of Oct. still a month away, but I am just happy they are committed! We are on bikes now so that's fun. I always get to appointments all sweaty and stuff it sucks. It's still so hot here! We are really getting things going though. Our ward is AMAZING! We had ward counsel and it was so awesome! I love our ward and I am so excited for the future for them! The families are so cool here too! I am getting super comfortable here and I already know it's going to be really hard when I get transferred out :(
            We played Basketball for like 10 minutes on Wednesday and this kid from our ward named Isaiah was talking trash on me and Elder Cockriel and how he can beat us and that missionaries can't ball haha, well we played to 5pts and I had the ball and of coarse did some moves, scored and then I just looked at him. We always joke about that now at church and stuff! He's a way cool kid and his family is too! The Osorio family!
            We had Zone Conference on Friday and it was super good. One thing I really liked about it was when our mission president said " You can tell what kind of Missionary (person) you are by what you think about when there's nothing to think about" I loved that quote and I know I can be a lot better.
            Friday there was a boxing match and literally everyone was screaming the whole night! Crazy! Other than that everything is good! I love you all!
Last thing we went over to Erica's house last night and we were talking with Brandon and the funniest thing.... we asked him "Whats you're favorite Mexican food" he said, "Hot Cheetos" haha and he was serious! His fingers are always SOOO RED! haha!


Love, Elder Doors!
P.S. I also learned how to make these flowers out of palm leave, pretty cool.

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