September 9th 2013

Hola Familia y amigos!

Well first off I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad! I love you a lot Negro! Also Happy birthday to two of my best friends Elder Kasey Henson and Cristal!! I miss you guys a lot and I hope everything is going well!

Okay this week has been good! Tough, but good.
Monday was probably one of the best days ever! After we emailed we went to go hike the HOLLYWOOD sign and it was super cool! A little tiring but super fun! But don't worry no hikes here can compare to ANY Hawaii hikes ha-ha. Well after that we went and drove down Hollywood Blvd., which was awesome. That’s already something I need to do once I’m done with my mission. We took some pictures at LA Ink (TV show) that was pretty cool and then we went to this Art Exhibit and that was probably one of the coolest things I have done also. There was this spot where they had a bunch of Lamps and it was a crazy cool place to check out! I took some pictures don't worry.

Anyways we left and we were heading home and then guess what.... ANOTHER car wreck. Only on PDAYS and ONLY when I am with Elder Cockriel. This one was bad though. It was on our left and all of the sudden the car just swerved and started coming towards us, missed us and crashed right into the wall of our right side. This all happened on the Freeway. Well we got home and visited with Hector and Maria, then we visited Jenny but she's not doing that good.
Not much happened Tuesday except we did see some weird guy dancing. He was just in the middle of this road and he was crouching down like he was going to go #2 ha-ha (the pants are on though) and he was just moving his knees in circles and waving his hands up! Ha-ha yeah I don't know!

Wednesday was cool we met this guy named Sergio and he is now an investigator. I’ll tell you a little about how we met him. Okay so we were eating dinner at the Alimillo's home at 5pm. We wanted to be somewhere at 6pm so when it was about 5:50 we told them we had to go and they kept talking and talking and I’m not going to lie I was getting a little bit frustrated. Anyways we didn't leave until 6:15, well we were walking back to our car down the street and there was a guy that just walked outside his house to throw away his trash. We said hi and everything and then he asked us what we did. We explained and all of the sudden he's like "you know what, come in and teach me right now, I want to know more" so we went in. His name is Sergio and he is from Mexico but he speaks good English and Spanish. Well we taught him and he loved it. He wants to change super bad. He's a way nice guy but his only problem is drinking. He wants help with that so we are going to visit him like 2 or 3 times a week. I love this because even though I was getting frustrated with the Alimillo's and I wanted to leave, God had a plan for us to go over our time with them just so we can run into Sergio. There are just those small miracles everywhere, and I love it.

Thursday nothing much happened but on Friday it was interesting! We met this girl named Mary; she’s a Christian in Spirit, meaning she talks to God whenever she wants. Sooooo yeah that's about it with her. Ha-ha. Saturday I spent all morning cutting down trees and there were so many spiders! I hate spiders but it's all good! Sunday I was super sore from all the hard work and it was stake conference so it was pretty cool seeing a bunch of missionaries there and a lot of people there. I saw Elder Aaron Malpica there so that was pretty cool. One last thing, I am now on Bike! So that's one way I’m getting fit again! Ha-ha. I love you all and miss you a ton!

Elder Puertas!

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