October 6th 2014

This week in our area, we had a great experience. Last night we were with one of our new investigators named Reyna and her husband named Rafael. Reyna really wanted to listen but her husband is a little loud (like he's crazy ha). He talks A LOT too so it was really hard to teach, but finally Rafael said "I know everything already, you can't teach me anything so teach my wife". We said..... okay and started teaching her, she was so happy throughout the lesson and Rafael was paying attention too. At the end we invited Reyna to pray and she was too shy to do so at first and then finally she said okay. Right before we asked her to pray about the BOM and she did and it was awesome, she kept saying "I know God will answer my prayer, I know it". Well she prayed, and when she finished she just looked at us and started to cry. The spirit was there and so much love and peace came over that room. It was a really great experience to have. She's one of those people that are just ready for this message.
Our ward is blowing up. We are at 25 baptisms right now and we are working super close with 6 of them to be baptized this weekend and we will work super hard and expect to have 5 more for the ward this next weekend. With that we should be at about 36 baptisms for the year and we want 40. I believe that by the end of the month we could be between 37-40 baptisms. The ward is so good and they TRUST us so much. The bishop is really on board. It's going really great right now.
The conference was also very inspiring to watch and I was able to learn a lot and will apply much of it in my daily life. One thing that stood out to me were the talks by Elder Ballard and Elder Bednar. Stay on the boat, get your life jacket on and HOLD ON. I loved Elder Bednar's story about the little boy and it's just a reminder really on WHY we share the Gospel. It reminding me WHY I am here and do the things I do. I love watching conference now because NOW I know the importance of it.

We have a Prophet in these days and he loves and guides us.
Super grateful for that.

Love you all,

Elder Puertas

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