October 13th 2014

Wow this weekend was kind of crazy/awesome.

All right so throughout the week we found some people that are ready for this message. I love talking to people on the street that give us their address and when we go over, they don't live there but it brings us to people that are ready and then we start teaching them. It happened 2x this week. On Saturday I was able to go back to my first area, Bell Gardens, for a baptism. There was this guy named Juan we baptized in January and just on Saturday his daughter, Raquel,  turned 8 and Juan baptized her! It was  cool to see that. He looked so happy. We were also able to confirm her right after. Well that Saturday when we got home there was a party that was barely starting at 10 pm in our apartment complex. They always throw parties but this one was out of control. Our window is right there was well. It was a very long night, didn't sleep until 3am.  It was bad.

Well the next day we had church and as a ward we had 5 baptisms! A family of 4 got baptized and they are sooooooo cool. They are from a different area in our ward but I've been over on exchanges a couple of time to teach them and the youngest one named Jackie asked me to baptize her. She is so cool! She is 12 and has an older brother name Carlos that is 14 and they remind me a lot of my sister Noni and Me. It's way cool. Jackie's real name is Jaqueline actually too. But they are way cool. An awesome Awesome family!

Sunday night we went to the Departing Missionary Fireside and it was really good. There are a lot of great missionaries that are going home. Time goes by way to fast! After the fireside we all met up and got our transfers folder and............... It happened! I GOT TRANSFERRED! After 7.5 months of being in Huntington Park I am now leaving. I am going to Torrance with Elder Okerlund.  I am super excited actually! I love meeting new people and kind of starting over. Wish me luck!
Love you all! :)
1. The Matoes' Family Baptism. (Jackie is the one in the middle)
2. Raquel's baptism. (She's the one in the blue in the middle) Juan is next to me.

Love, Elder Puertas

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