February 3rd 2014

This week was wayyyyy good.

OK story time...

On Wednesday Elder Knight and me just walked outside to get to work and there was this old man driving his white old school Mercedes and he was trying to park. Pues, he was going suuuuper slow and I remember having this feeling that he was going to just gas it and run into the wall so I started walking over to try and help and GUESS WHAT... He took off and just slammed into the wall and his foot was still on the brake so there was a bunch of smoke and I just ran in there and took his foot off the brake so he could stop going through the wall and he was just super shocked. Ha it was a crazy experience. He is just this old man I guess that was his 3rd accident in 2 months so yeah, I smelled like smoke and burnt rubber for the rest of the day.

Next story, so for us to find new investigators we have free English classes where we get students to come and then we take them on church tours and anyways we had this HUGE activity for it and it turned out amazing. We had so many different games and 94 non-members showed up and loved it. We had food as well after and took a big group pic. We found 14 new investigators from it as a ward (4 companionships)

Some more stories!!!! So about 2 weeks ago we had stake conference and they asked everyone in the stake to fast for rain because we had a drought. So yesterday was fast Sunday and everyone fasted for that and GUESS WHAT... it just poured all day and it was awesome!!! 
The church is true. Just saying.

Last story, I love all you guys!
Have an amazing week!

P.S shout out tooooooo my grandma Rolly!
Te amo y feliz cumpleaños. Que le pases bien

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Puertas


I forgot to say that transfers were yesterday and that Elder knight and I stayed again together in Lafayette square :) yes!

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