January 27th 2014

Well let’s see....

This week was all right, nothing too crazy happened but we did eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant. None of us had ever been there and the lady didn’t speak much English but I guess enough to communicate so we kind of just said yes to everything she said to do ha. Next thing you know, all this food comes out and we were supposed to cook it and everything and ahh it was just a little crazy. But it was good but not the best $12 dollars I could of spent.

Okay so our area is broken into 4 ethnic groups. 1 is African Americans, 2 is Mexicans, 3 is Jewish and 4 is Koreans. Ha so we decided to go and look for people in Jewish area of town. That didn’t work out so well, everyone is pretty wealthy and don’t answer their door and they are Jewish. That didn’t work out but we did find this HUGE Jewish statue, we had to go back and take pictures with it. It was pretty amazing.

We also had this big training on Friday that was super good. It really made me want to TRULY love the people I teach and talk to on the streets. Its a little weird to love someone you don’t know but you can do it. We have the restored gospel and what better way to love someone and giving that truth and knowledge to them. The gospels true. Don’t doubt it.
Also Transfers are coming up next week so we will see what happens.

I love you all! 

Elder Puertas

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