February 10th 2014

Buenas dias todos!

Pues..... aver... This week was pretty cool. On Monday we hiked the Hollywood sign and that was pretty cool. Elder Schwalger was getting transferred out and we decided to take some pictures of Downtown too. It was just a really good PDay. I love L.A. so much. Okay so miracle of the week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays we teach English classes to help find new people. On Wednesday after class this guy named Elias (60 years old) came up to us and was like "I like the class but I liked what you teach a lot too (we give a spiritual thought at the end of the class), and I think I might want to get baptized" whaaaaa umm ya lets do it.

So we asked him to come an hour early to class on Saturday for a lesson and he did. We taught him and invited him to be baptized again just to make sure this was for real and he said, YES! Then he's like "is there some kind of class I can take so I can be prepared for baptism?" I love it!! The next day was Sunday and we invited him to that and guess what? He showed up with his Book of Mormon and this case he made for it already. He loved church and he loved our bishop, they got along great. It helps that they are both from El Salvador. Now we are teaching him 3x a week and preparing him for baptism on the 9th of March, probably sooner if he's ready. It’s pretty nice when people come up to you and want to be baptized. The church is true. :)
Love you all

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone, I hope you have an amazing week <3

Love, Elder Puertas

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