February 24th 2014

Hola! :)

This week was a good week. We got a new bishop and he is super good and he just cares for everyone so much. He loves the missionaries and is putting us to work and the best part is…. he's Peruvian. He’s probably the best bishop ever.

We got a phone call on Wednesday that we were moving apartments too :( we still cover the same area, we are just moving apartments and our new one is wayyyy nice.
It’s huge! So we are moving in today.

This week we also have been focusing on our investigator named Elias Guillen. He's from El Salvador and he's 61. He's so cool though, I’ve already said this in one of my last letters but it’s still crazy to think that he came up to us and pretty much said "baptize me" so awesome. Makes our job a lot easier. He is getting baptized on Sunday and we are all excited for that. He calls it "Mi Gran Dia" (my grand day), he loves us too. He sometimes salutes us and says "at your orders teachers", we took him to the Visitors Center yesterday and it went great. He really enjoyed it and that just pretty much confirmed everything for him.
Also this week we went to that cool outdoor art museum last P-day and it was amazing too. Here is a picture of Elder Valenzuela and me.

Well that was my week! I love you all!

Elder Puertas

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