January 13th 2014

How do we look in white?

Well yesterday we had a baptism for this little boy that’s 9. His name is Derian Gamez. His family has been a huge blessing already in my life. Teaching them and getting to know them has made my testimony grow so much. I had the privilege of baptizing Derian and he is an amazing kid. He is super happy all the time and loves to joke around ha. He only speaks Spanish too because they just moved from México about a month ago. I love the Gamez family. Everything is good and we are teaching a finding new people every week. I don have a lot to say today but just that baptism is honestly the "Puerta(s)" to eternal life and just bringing people to that is the best feeling ever. I love you all and have a good week.

Shout out to my sister, Jasmine! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you spent it amazing because YOU are amazing!

Be good! I love you all!

Elder Puertas

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