June 1st 2015

Hola! :)
This last week was great we were blessed to find a ton of new people. Finding is probably the best thing. The approach, the conversation, the way it ends hahaha we get some of the BEST people to talk to ever. 

Some people are just straight up crazy but it's so fun. We always ALWAYS see this guy name Juan on the street and he's also drunk. One day we were walking and we saw him in front of his house and he jumped in this Dog House and shut the door from the doghouse haha. We knocked and told him we knew he was there and he finally came out ha. We had a really good talk with him though and i really hope he changes soon. 

We also always buy "Elotes" from our friend named Roberto, haha. We have a huge area but we just cover this tiny TINY part because it's all Spanish so we almost know everyone.. literally haha. It's good though. 

Well I'm told almost everyday how many days I have left haha. The mission has helped me change. It really has. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what changed me completely and it will keep changing me. I am so glad I’m able to serve a mission and I'm excited to be a missionary forever. 

Love, Elder Puertas

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