February 16th 2015

My older brother just had his first beautiful child! Her name is CHLOE PUERTAS; she is the tiniest most beautiful baby ever! I'm officially an uncle! I can't believe it. This week was way good though. We went to visit some people named Luisa and Rosario and wow! We started off with a prayer and we had Luisa say it and it was one of the most powerful and spiritual prayers I have heard on my mission. She felt the spirit so clear and so strong it was amazing. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and they were just ALL ears. Then we invited the Mom (Rosario) to say the closing prayer and again, the spirit was there. They're prayers were both so sincere and so powerful, amazing people. On Valentines Day I was on splits with Elder Reynolds and we get a call from some sister telling us to come meet this guy at the Visitor Center. We get up there and we met Edson (E-ju-sao) he is from BRAZIL and he is sooooo tight. We taught him in  Spanish/Portuguese, it was so cool. He is way sincere and he said, "I have no doubt O livro de Mormon is true" He wants to be baptized! He came to church and everything. He is the coolest person on earth. The mission is so good. The people are amazing. Tomorrow we have our transfers so last night we got a call, well Elder Patterson is leaving  :( he really was so cool. I learned a lot. I am staying in my area and I will be getting Elder Christensen. He's a very tall red head. He's way cool. I'm going to be a Zone Leader again. They are bringing the Zone Leader area to our area now, but I'm excited to see how it goes. I love you all and I’m still in love with my beautiful niece Chloe! 

Love, Uncle Puertas

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