August 18th 2014

It was such a great week this week. Elder Kimball, Elder Casco and I decided to work as hard as we can for Elder Kimball's last week and really help our investigators progress. We literally had daily contact with all of our baptismal dates and had a blessing of having 10 Investigators show up to church on Sunday! This other area had 11 another area had 7 and another area had 3!! Just with our ward we had 31 at church. It was so crazy but such an amazing blessing, especially seeing the ward get involved. They were fellowshipping, taking people to classes and everything. They were so on top of it. We were also running everywhere helping out. We love it though. As a Zone we had 47 investigators at church on Sunday!! Seeing that just shows that we are all doing great with the people we have now. 

Okay so quick story. So at church we have a member that is a little off. I don't know what it was or if he was drunk but he walks in and kind of starts talking loud. He's hugging people. (this is during sacrament) He goes and sits in the front and then he goes back to the back. This other Hermano was trying to take him about of the sacrament and the crazy guy just like flips a little and semi swings, wanting to fight, but then some other hermanos came and took him out. Ohhh and this happened literally right in front of the over flow which was full of investigators!!! Ahhh! That’s that. Oh well......................... everyone's invited right?

So it was Elder Kimball's departing missionary fireside last night and it went super great. A lot of people showed up and supported all the missionaries going home. I love Elder Kimball; he is so great and has taught me so much. I admire him because of how hard he worked. Especially right until the end. He is such an amazing example. He truly loves his mission.

Here's a pic of me and some hermanos from an old area at a fireside yesterday.  :)

I love you all!

-Elder Puertas

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