April 7th 2014

Buenos Dias!

Last Monday we got together as a Zone and played soccer! It was sooooo much fun. We have a lot of Hispanics in our zone so I really enjoyed it.
Okay so I want to start off telling an April Fools joke that was played on us that BACKFIRED pretty bad. On Tuesday we had this thing called MLC, just a meeting for all the zone leaders and sister training leaders, well I had my phone in my bag the whole time during the meeting and when it ended I checked the phone and I had 2 miss call and a text from these elders in our zone that said "call us, its an emergency!" so they tried contacting us at 2:15 and we checked at 3 when the meeting ended. So we called back and they are all like "Elder ____ just got hit by a car on his bike and we are in the hospital right now, we already let president know and we are just letting you know as well... I got to go though.." so they just hung up... so since we were in a meeting with president we decided to ask him, just to follow up and see how things were or if he wanted us to check up on them. Well when we told him about it, he just kind of was freaking out and checking his phone for miss calls or texts and he had nothing, his wife walked in and he's like "we have an elder that just got hit" so she's freaking out and checking her phone. I am trying to call them back for more details but nothing; President is calling them back but nothing... THEN.... I get a text so I say hey President they just sent us a text so he leads over to see what it said and it said... "April Fools, it was a joke".. ohhhhhhh no. President was just like "Call them back, Now!" so we did, they answered, President took our phone to talk to them and walked off... they got it pretty bad.. So yeah next you’re ever try pulling a joke, think and plan it out before! :)
SO this week I went on 2 more exchanges!! with Elder Alls! he's soooo cool. He's African American and super funny. He let me barrow his du-rag. We b brothers. I gave him a haircut as well so I can officially say I cut textured hair now too.
Then I went with Elder Smith. He's so awesome he plays ball, is from Utah and is just a super chill guy. We had a ton of fun as well!
This girl just returned from her mission last week and she's cool. Her cousin lives by her house and we teach the cousin with her too. It is so much easier when a member is involved. It really is. So everyone, invite a friend, family member to be taught by the missionaries! It really is the best. She also served in the San Diego mission so she knew my friend Mitch Fowler so that's pretty cool. He told her to look for me but what do you know, she lives in my area and we eat with their awesome family every Sunday!
Conference was amazing, like always. I wish I had paid more attention when I was younger because you get so much out of it. One of my favorite talks was the one about Joseph Smith's first vision and how important that moment was. How he prepared to pray for that moment. That just makes me realize that instead of just praying about it, if I REALLY want to know, I need to prepare for it, be worthy, be ready and most importantly, ask in FAITH! I love it! I love the gospel so much. It’s perfect.

I love and miss you all!
<3/ Elder Puertas

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