April 21st 2014

Okay so this week was really good.
Tuesday we got to go through the temple and it was amazing!!! I love it so much. 4 of us got the chance to go in with the temple president and just ask him ANYTHING, it was so great! I learned so much within  20 minutes, things I wouldn't have known if I didn't go in there. It's been really hot down here recently but its ok because we are in a car! :) We went to go to do some service on Friday and painted a porch red. It turned out great! We also got to go on some exchanges with Elder Luna, from New Jersey! He's a barber so you know he hooked me up with a fresh cut! Ha-ha and last but not least we went to the temple last night with our investigators and it turned out amazing. 3 of them have a baptismal date for May 18th so please pray for them. Emily, Jenny and Julio! They are all soooo cool!
It was a little interesting this week because we found so many new investigators, we found 8, and on Sunday we were excited because we were expecting them to come, but nothing! :(
Then we had 7 less actives show up to church that never come! Ahhhh that made me so happy! It’s something at least :) Also we just found out that Elder Ballard will be coming to our mission June 1st! Sooo cool! I can’t wait! Everything is good here in HP!
Sooo many Mexicans so I’m just loving all the food! Hahah.
I love you all!

Love Elder Puertas

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