March 17th 2014

Hello Everyone! 

All right this week was really good. We had temple service and we got to work outside in the hot! It was good though. Well this was the last week for some great missionaries that I got to meet and serve with.
Elder Baich
Elder Rodriguez and
Elder Fisher!
Its crazy how time flies! I am almost at my 9 month mark and that’s pretty crazy for me! They are amazing people and I am way happy for all of them. This week I also got to really recognize the spirit and how it works. I can feel it all the time and it’s the best feeling ever. The Atonement is REAL and can really help people change and be better. I love the opportunity to be a missionary at this moment because I can bring this message to others! I love it! 
This was also my last week here in Lafayette Square. I am leaving to be a Zone Leader in Huntington Park with Elder Low! I can’t wait. I leave tomorrow and I hear it’s amazing there! I will miss some people here though! I have made so many new friends that I will always remember. I still have like a lot of time left so I am sure I will see them again :) We also went to a Korean BBQ this week and it was soooooo good! Just saying!
Last thing so this morning around 6:30 we were up and all of the sudden our room just stars shaking like crazy and it was way cool! We had an earthquake that lasted like 3 sec. but still. I can say I know how it feels like. I love you all!

Elder Low and Huntington Park here I come :)

Elder Puertas

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