November 25th 2013

November 25th 2013
Hola Famila y Amigos!

Well another week here in LA
Nothing super big that has happened, something funny though was the Elder Maughan's bike got jacked hahaha poor dude. They cut his chain off and the funny thing was that mine was next to his and mine was UNLOCKED. I don’t know if I should take that offensive or not because my bike isn't cool enough to get stolen :(

We had this "Barrio" thanksgiving dinner and it was super good! The set up was beautiful. And yes, I ate a lot don't worry! Hahah but other than that everything is going good! I’m in Alma 56 right now and its amazing how many things I didn't know that I now know. Everyone in the Book of Mormon are just amazing! They really had the Lord on their side, just like we do.
I love you all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
Eat a lot and get fat! :) Because that's what we're doing!

Elder Puertas
Ward Thanksgiving

She is 101

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