November 11th 2013

Well just a quick letter about our Ward Activity!
First off it was sick! Like way sick and a HUGE success. 106 people showed up and were all gathered in the chapel and I explain to them about "Lehi's Dream" well they all got a ticket before and they were suppose to hold on to the ticket and not fall into temptations.
         Well our temptation was sweet too. We had Helotes (Corn) and Video games and Movies and music all around and if they wanted to play of wanted some helotes then they had to give up their ticket. And all the members had to do is hold on. At the end we had this big Christmas tree with those powdered doughnuts. Let me say that probably half of them fell. We had 3 fog machines and it was sooooo sweet. After we were all out side and all the missionaries came out and everyone started clapping for us and everything. It was amazing. They said it was a huge success.  I loved it. Probably one of my favorite nights here on the mish.
Also I am staying here in Bell Gardens..... Again! 4th transfers here we go! :)

Shout out to Ashley!!! My little sister in Argentina! Love you and I miss you! Also to Grandpa Louie!!!  Love you!

Love you all!

Elder Puertas

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