August 12th 2013


Okay so I have 20 min to write this but this week has been by far the CRAZIEST week. Ahhh k so Monday first off we went to STAPLES CENTER. It was so money and I loved it! I got to take a pic with Magic J! Yaaaa

Anyways we went to see Jimmy’s family on Tuesday and something crazy happened when we were there that is a little personal but just know that everything is going good with them again. We had a chance to give them a blessing and the SPIRIT was so strong. Jimmy, who never cries, cried. His girlfriend Jenny cried Jimmy’s mom Vergina cried and it was amazing how much the Spirit can really comfort us! They love us and I feel like they know all of what we are teaching is true so tomorrow we are going to ask them to be baptized so just pray for us.

Ha. Well that’s not all so we have another family that called us and wanted us to come quick but we couldn’t till later so we went over and the dad was there alone crying and we talked with him for A LONG TIME. We were supposed to be home by 9:30 at the latest and we went to see what was going on at like 9:15pm and we didn’t get home until 10:45. It was nuts. I can’t really say what happened because it was really personal, but we also gave him a blessing and man the Holy Ghost is always with us! His wife and 2 kids were not there but we saw them the next day and we gave them blessings too! I have given more blessings in 2 days then I have in my entire life ha. But it was good for me. And for me to be super worthy and ready to give the blessings made it that much better because it worked! 

Anyways going on through the week on Wednesday we had dinner with the Cordova’s. He used to be in the Area Quorum of the 70 so he is a big deal. Ha but guess were we went to eat? A PERUVIAN RESTARUANT! sooo good. I got Lomo Saltado! Ha-ha of coarse! Anyways he was cool and we are eating with him again! Friday I got some packages! I’m still working very hard and this week I know will be a good week. It’s the way you see things is how you make it good or not. I love you all!
Scripture of the Week 2 Nephi 5:21- so I figured out were my brown skin comes from! I’m a lamanite... great! Ha-ha
Joke of the Week.
Que es la apellido de Adan?....


Porque dijo Dios si comes de la fruta Perecera... (Perez Sera) ha-ha

-Elder Puertas

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