November 3rd 2014

This week was really good. A lot of things happened. We had a chance to have Zone Conference this week and it was good. Elder Okerlund and I gave a training on "Sincere Prayer" and just preparing for that training helped me a ton. My prayers have changed a lot. It's so much more personal then before. We are literally talking with our Heavenly Father, He's there and He is listening to us. It's just being honest and specific with Him. It's really just pouring out your whole heart to Him. The time's I've done so I have felt so much peace and love come to me. The power of prayer can change so much. It was a prayer that changed the world forever. I learned a lot and the spirit was defiantly there.
HALLOWEEN! Well this year I decided to dress up as a missionary... ha because that's all we can dress up as. We had to be in by 6 so we bought a "GIGANTIC PIZZA" and took it back to the apartment. We have some other elders living with us for a little while so it was super fun. It was a rainy Halloween here though and it's starting to get cold. We have to wear sweaters now, I know.
The mission is super fun, way tough some times, but way fun. Time just flies but we talk to so many people everyday and it's just good to hear their story and help their faith grown in Christ. Our message is unique and can truly bless everyone.
I love my mission, I love this Gospel and I love my Savior.

Love, Elder Puertas

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